dress to impress

yesterday was friday. and yesterday my school-gymnasium- threw a gala type of party at park, a club in copenhagen.. i must say it was a very cozy evening and i had a lot fun. it was enjoyable to see everyone dressed to impress.

whilst others had planned what to wear weeks ahead – i, myself, didn’t know what to where before yesterday. i had planned to go by a few vintage designer shops but i found the perfect dress at my first stop; copenhagen treasure (click).

my friends and i arrived at 21.30 and i left at about 2.30. i could have stayed longer, but i wanted to be rested because i had a body toning class at the gym at 10.30 next morning. on the way home, i realized i had forgotten my bus ticket, so i decided to walk home, in heels i might add, to not waste money. i took about thirty minutes so i wasn’t that bad. here are a couple of pictures of my outfit below! xo

black and mesh wolford vintage dress

gold chanel lion head with pearl earrings

royal court jeweler dark silver ring with black stones

pakistani vintage crimson stone ring

matas black tights

black graceland double plateau pumps


~ by Fluorescent in the Night on April 9, 2011.

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