backpacking in france!

i saw this great photo editorial with gisele bündchen in french vogue today, and it really made me want to, firstly have summer vacation in france nonetheless and it all so made me want to work out, because man, does she look fit! so envious! 🙂 i quite like the clothing and the quirky side of the shoot too. especially the first photos jacket and just all of the knits. even though i already play handball and practice 3 times a week, i also do cardio; running every morning before i go to school (on the days i haven’t got practice) and try to lift weights and do strength training at least once a week-preferably twice – i also have been dreaming about taking ballet classes with a couple of girls from school. sadly beginner classes have already started, so i have to wait to august. – ballet is supposed to give you poise and grace and really work your core muscles. (jessica biel swears by it- and she is one of my body role models)

alternative to that and to mix it up a bit, so i don’t get bored, i am, for the first time, trying zumba on sunday after a lot of recommendations. i mean, i literally don’t have any rhythm in my body- i can’t dance to save my life, so maybe it could improve my moves a bit and get ribbed abs.

today there is many options and opportunities to work out and try new things to find out what you like. i would love to try yoga, kickboxing, pilates, stomach-bottom-thigh, attack(?) and it is my dream to be an iron man(though that is not going to happen because i suck! suck at swimming) but running a marathon is a more reachable goal,- and i thought about starting with ladies running thing i’ve heard about. well, enough of me blabbing – below is the editorial i talked about. goodnight and sweet dreams! xo


what a perfect behind!



perfection in the form of legs



~ by Fluorescent in the Night on March 30, 2011.

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