today me and my friend malene (click) are going to see the musical burlesque in the cinema(palads).. i mean, you kind of have to see christina aguilera’s movie debut – and ponder why AND how cher looks the same as she did twenty years ago! she is 64 now..

it actually looks kind of interesting with a bunch of more or less famous actors; cher and christina aguilera of course, eric dane(grey’s anatomy), cam gigandet(twilight & O.C.), kristen bell(veronica mars & forgetting sarah marshall), dianna agron(glee), peter gallagher(O.C.), alan cumming(spy kids), stanley tucci(the devil wears prada & the lovely bones) and singer julianne hough.

it’s directed by steve antin – the lesser famous brother of hairstylist jonathan antin, who had a reality show on air a little while ago and robin antin (creator of the pussycat dolls – and if i’ve seen right in the trailer – also has some of the members in it?)

..well it’s definitely will be cheery! i need a little cheering up because of an awesome leather celiné jacket i don’t have enough money for.. just missing 154 kr. – and neither my mother or father will lend me some 😦

xo, btw take a look at the trailer!


~ by Fluorescent in the Night on December 30, 2010.

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