Oh december…..

Me and my good friend & fellow blogger Malene Søndergaard


my favourite time of the year is right around the corner – and i can’t wait.

it’s the time of cosy atmosphere and that’s what is all about. to set the mood, you simply must have; snow(as we did last year), sex and the city – running a christmas calendar on tv3 and making your very own christmas decorations. BRING OUT THE CHRISTMAS SONGS. the only sad this about christmas is, that the it’s always over to damn fast! – so make the most out of it.

I simply had the best december month last year at UHR, I don’t even think that this year can measure up..

i loved the days went by with christmas gift workshops, caroling and christmas HORROR traditions..

I miss it terribly much.

but i am, however, really looking forward to my 3 day christmas weekend with the gang from uhr!

It’s going to be legendary!; ice skating, (hopefully lots of snow), baking, eating loads of ris a la mande, present games(pakkeleg?), home alone – I loooove macaulay culkin and of course the best movie genre; christmas horror!

– recommend; black christmas & P2

already trembling with excitement, xo C ❤

btw check out Malene’s blog and website


~ by Fluorescent in the Night on November 21, 2010.

One Response to “Oh december…..”

  1. The time of my life – I miss it.. and I miss U ❤

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