movies 2 watch: Scream 4

I am really ecstatic to announce that, there is a scream 4 on the way to our theaters! The Scream trilogy have been an important part of horror movie-culture for the past decade and now the talented director Wes Craven is directing a whole new trilogy of the series.

When I first got into watching horror, it started with the scream movies… So I am looking forward to see the new and improved – much more technical scream-trilogy with the plot line; NEW DECADE, NEW RULES….

It is a star packed production with both Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette from the original cast + newcomers of Emma Roberts(Wild Child), Hayden Panettiere(Heroes)Rory Culkin(Lymelife) and with cameos by Kristen Bell(Veronica Mars)& Anna Paquin(True Blood & X-men) and Shenae Grimes(90210) & Lucy Hale(Pretty Little Liars).

watch the trailer below…… xo


~ by Fluorescent in the Night on October 23, 2010.

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