i find myself constantly listening to…

concert candid concert candid concert candid

my new(since december) favourite band is…. surprise, The Pretty Reckless. I’m so impressed by frontwoman Taylor Momsen voice! her song lyrics are so painfully expressed and so true, you can’t listen to them all day. and i literally did, last night – sewing on my mini clothing collection assigned from school. Many call her a fake, just because she’s well changed. but who can blame her? she is only turning seventeen this year, just  like me – i might add, so she is growing and changing. so i do not believe she is a fake, because who can know who they are in such a young age. she first came on the screen, on gossip girl  when she was fourteen.

About her voice…. it’s so unique. i’ve never heard ANYTHING like it. not evenCourtney Love and her band Hole, which i’ve done a little research on, don’t find especially captivating. sorry sugar. But i must urge and recommend everybody to take a look on The Pretty Reckless’ songs Zombie and Make me Wanna Die. (watch the clips below of the live acoustic sessions of the songs and search for the EP songs on youtube.

i liked her on the show before, but now i really love her persona. she is maybe a little to rock’n’roll in real life, but on gg her closet is the definition of rad. i mean love the way rock goes perfectly together with fashion – And That Is Truly The Best of Both Worlds.



~ by Fluorescent in the Night on May 29, 2010.

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