April month’s style icon: Taylor Momsen

taylor momsen - Dec 8; Taylor besides on the 'Gossip Girl' set in NYC 2009 - cool coattaylor momsen - Dec 11; On the 'Gossip Girl' set in NYC 2009taylor momsen - Dec 2; On the set of 'Gossip Girl' in NYC 2009taylor momsen -Sep 9; Anna Sui For Target Pop-Up Store Launch Party in NYCtaylor momsen - Oct 13; Taylor on the set of 'Gossip Girl' in Manhattantaylor momsen - Nov 4; Filming 'Gossip Girl' scenes in New York City's streets 2009

Taylor Momsen rose to fame in the hit series Gossip Girl and is the new IT girl according to the media. Her first tv appearence was in the 2000 christmas movie;How the Grinch stole Christmas with famous funnyman Jim Carrey. But now she all grown up as good-turned-bad Brooklyn queenbee Jenny Humphrey. In the series first season Jenny was sweet and had a very blend-in bubbly coloured style. But as she got older/more experienced her style grew to an individual and rock chic style. And i personally love it. The pictures above^^ are some of my favourite from both her personal life and GG set. I really admire her courage to try something new, and that she doesn’t care what anyone else says. Always with a dark red fabulous lip. And that’s why she is an inspiration. + I definitely plan to follow her lead. Im really looking forward to the next episodes of GG season 3. (watch on www.cucirca.com). When that is said, i would like to give a shout-out to GG’s stylist Eric Daman! He has such an eye for accessories and Gossip girl, wouldn’t be the same without him. He is truly the star of the show. He has btw written a how to- stylebook called You Know You Want It, which helps you to create your own personal signature style. (I am definitely buying it soon!)available on www.amazon.com – 19,75 dollars.

xoxo C


~ by Fluorescent in the Night on April 12, 2010.

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